impress crush on Valentine's day

10 Ways To Impress Your Crush On This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the day of lovers. It is the day when people confess their love with each other and they celebrate the love between them. It is the day when love remains in the air and with every breath you take, you get more acquainted with the idea of love. And everyone wants to be with the person they love on this day whether it is their partner or crush.

So here we have the list of things you can do to impress your crush and make them say ‘YES’ this Valentine’s day.

impress crush on Valentine's day


1. Show Her Respect.

Before you show your love, you should show some respect towards her. Because to respect her is more important than to love her. So, make sure she knows that you really respect her.

2. Treat Her Like A Princess

You should always treat the girl you love with love and pamper her the most. You should always make your crush feel like a princess by caring for her.

3. Show Your Dashing Side

Whenever you walk around the girl you like you should always walk with a bit of attitude. Always Carry your handsome hunk avatar with you.

impress crush on Valentine's day


4. Online Dating Sites

If you are really shy to approach her directly, You can find your crush on this dating sites. And show interest in her by sending her signals.

5. Don’t force her

If she says no to you don’t force your love on her. This way you can lose her forever. So if you don’t want that to happen be gentle towards her.

impress crush on Valentine's day


6. Always Give her a smile

Whenever you see her, you make sure you smile. Because a smile can do wonders. It spreads positive energy.

7. Don’t say directly

When you start to confess your feelings towards her don’t say ‘I Love You’ directly. This may shock her and leave her speechless. Always start with ‘I Like You’.

8. Polite Texts

Send her cute and sweet texts to make her feel good. It could be anything from a light hearted whatsapp joke or some words for her appreciation or normal good morning texts.

impress crush on Valentine's day


9. Don’t Brag Too Much

If you brag too much in front of your crush, she might think that you are proudy and it could drag her away. Girls don’t like boys who flaunt too much. Girls like the boys who are down to earth kind.

10. No Stupidity

Don’t act stupid just to look cute. Girls like mature boys who have self awareness.

impress crush on Valentine's day


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