Expert Reveals 4 Things You Should Always Avoid During A Job Interview

expert reveals things to avoid in job interview

Job Interview gives us nightmares, Don’t they? We are always worried about our performance in an interview. And questions like Will I get selected? Am I impressive enough to crack this interview? Will they like my personality? Haunts us forever until we get selected. Well, to your rescue we have the list of things that you should avoid during a job interview in order to impress your interviewers.

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1. Always Be Honest When It Comes To Your Weaknesses

What are your weaknesses? It is the question that is often asked during a job interview. And to this question, you should always speak the truth. Being fake maybe can get you success but it would not be long term. So always be honest in your interview.

Expert says, “I’d advise answering with a genuine weakness and then explaining how you’d go about managing the weakness, focusing on ways in which you set up processes or systems to minimize its effects.

expert reveals things to avoid in job interview


2. Don’t be whiny

Avoid talking negatively about your past job experiences. It would not leave a good mark on your interviewers. Grateful people are welcomed everywhere. So try to be nice and sweet no matter how bad your past job was.

Expert says, “does not say much for your attitude.”

3. Don’t lie about other job applications

Job interviewers never generally consider your other job applications as betrayal or something. Instead, if you say that you have not applied for any other job then they will consider you as either lazy or a lier.

expert reveals things to avoid in job interview


4. Don’t ask for holidays in the very first interview

If at the end of the interview, you are asked to ask questions about your job, don’t ask for the number of holidays.

Expert says, “You are just about to start a new position, and don’t want to seem like someone who can’t wait to shoot off again”. So kindly avoid this.

expert reveals things to avoid in job interview


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