An Introduction To Bakarwals And The Origin Of The Hatred They Are Facing.

Bakarwals are the community of Sunni-Muslims that are spread across the whole Kashmir. Recent rape case, in which a daughter of Bakarwals was brutally raped and murdered brought the light on them. This article focuses on the introduction of Bakarwals and the reason behind the brutal behavior done against the daughter of them.

Bakarwarls are basically goatherds and shepherds who earn their living by grazing domestic animals. The lifestyle that they pursue is very normal and unluxurious. They are generally poor and have minimal needs.



The main season of Bakarwals is late winters when the winters started fading. Because its the time when the new grass finally start coming up and its the great season for grazing animals. Bakarwals don’t really live in one place for years. They had to move here and there eventually. In the whole year, they move about 1/3rd of the time.

“As with all nomadic communities, the lifestyle of the Bakarwal shuttles between intense movement and utter stillness – it is like being privy to completely different ways of living.
Much about them is fascinating — from their woolen shawls that are woven in a manner to make it almost waterproof, to their knowledge of the mountains and the many herbs that grow, they are a repository of knowledge on the environment they inhabit”, said Shankar Sridhar who is a photographer from Kolkata.



The Bakarwal Community is considered as very close to nature who is also very respectful towards their surrounding. This is something we forgot a long before. But the people are giving a hard time to the Bakarwal community now.

Just a few times ago a girl was brutally drugged, raped and murdered out of the conspiracy done by a Hindu priest Sanji Ram. In the name of religion, nobody took any serious action against him until the news spread in the whole nation and people stood up for justice of poor child.



Not just it, in general also they have to face many things that are beyond the level of tolerance. Like their sheep get stolen away, their dogs get poisoned. Question is why this kind of hatred and inhuman behavior is done against them?

We all have to learn to show respect to people irrespective of their religion and work. We all have to rise above the shameful boundaries of religion and have a clear perspective about everything.


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