10 Best Inspiring Indian Autobiographies To Read

10 Best Inspiring Indian Autobiographies To Read

Many influential personalities have set a perfect example in front of us on how exactly we should move forward in our lives. Life of these inspiring people has given us a lot of guideline and motivation about living. We learn the greatest lessons of our lives by just reading their life stories and that’s why to motivate people, autobiographies are written. They serve in teaching people about life by getting them acquainted with oneself’s struggle in life. Many Indian autobiographies are there that you should read for inspiration.

Following is the list of best inspirational autobiographies that you must read:

1. My Experiment With Truth By Mahatma K Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi who referred to as the ‘Father Of Our Nation’ has told his life story through his autobiography ‘My Experiment With Truth’. It has all the important incident of his life discussed.

2. Vivekananda: A Biography By Swami Nikhilananda

Swami Vivekanand is counted amongst one of the most inspirational personalities we ever had. His life story is truly motivational. His biography is highly recommended, especially for students.

3. Wings Of Fire By A P J Abdul Kalam

A P J Abdul Kalam undoubtedly has a dynamic personality. The youth of India should learn from his life events and the struggles he faced in his life. His autobiography is one of the most inspirational autobiographies ever written.

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4. The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life Of The Genius Ramanujan By Robert Kanigel

Ramanujan, one of the greatest mathematician and gem of India has truly made the whole nation proud by his achievements. The biography written by Robert Kanigel on his life story consists of his achievements and epic moments of life.

5. The Z Factor: My Journey As A Wrong Man At A Right Time By Subash Chandra

The autobiography of Subash Chandra consists of his journey from a poor little kid to one of the most influential personalities of India. These inspirational autobiographies are a must read.

6. Not Just An Accountant By Vinod Rai

The Diary of the Nation’s conscience keeper, this Indian autobiography shows the life of Vinod Rai. This book is an easy read because it doesn’t complicate the facts. Vinod Rai is definitely just not an accountant but a very inspiring leader that this nation needed.

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7. Karmayogi: A Biography Of E. Sreedharan By M.S. Ashokan

The biography of E. Sreedharan written by M.S. Ashokan teaches us how to lead a life in a noble manner. Despite being such an accomplisher, E. Sreedharan was a down to earth person who has motivated the nation in his life journey and now his biography will motivate you further.

8. Beyond The Last Blue Mountain By R. M. Lala

Beyond The Last Blue Mountain is the biography of J. R. D. Tata by R. M. Lala. J R D Tata quoted, “What is good for India is good for Tatas”. Tata is undoubtedly a passionate person for the development of India and his life story will make you want to do good for your country.

9. I Too Had A Dream By Verghese Kurien

Another gem in the list of inspirational autobiographies is the Indian autobiography written by Verghese Kurien. The man behind the successful dairy company Amul and his success story will give you enough motivation for your achievements in life.

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10. The Journey Home By Radhanath Swami

This book is about a young American man who explores India in the search of truth and god. This Indian autobiography is well written and well explained in detail and is highly recommended.