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The Journey Of Hima Das From A Farmer’s Daughter To Champion Athlete

Hima Das has created history by her legendary win in the recent world championship. She became the first-ever woman to bring gold in athletics. She made us proud by winning a gold medal in 400 meters final junior world championship. The life journey of the 18-year-old champion athlete is phenomenal.

Hima Das is the daughter of a rice farmer who belongs to a small village in Assam called Dhing village in Nagaon district. Interestingly enough, racing or athletics was never her passion according to her, she used to train herself in her father’s rice field and just a year ago she too racing seriously and finally made it to the world championship.

The Journey Of Hima Das From A Farmer's Daughter To Champion Athlete


Before Hima Das, no one ever won gold for India in women’s final junior world championship. Hima is youngest of her five siblings. Her family was really poor so she didn’t have any resources for her training and neither her village had any facilities for sports training.

But through all the struggles, Hima Das proved that where there is will, there is a way and became the champion athlete. Hima used to play football when she was suggested to pick any mainstream sports. She decided to become an athlete. After that, she participated in local championships. Her first ever competitive inter-district match was just 18 months ago.

Hima Das worked very hard and finally represented India in the world championship. After creating a history of winning gold and Federation cup, she wanted to talk to her mother to share her glorious and phenomenal victory.

The Journey Of Hima Das From A Farmer's Daughter To Champion Athlete


“Her mother’s response to her winning the race and representing India is also something that will warm your heart. The publication quotes her mother, Jonali Das, saying, “Commonwealth Games? What’s that? Will you be on TV? Then it’s probably a good thing.”

Hima’s coach, Nipon Das, said, “She does not get overawed by anybody and does not care about her opponents. In every race, her goal is to beat the best with better timing.”


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