5 India’s First Cars You Must Know

Today, when we step out, we see lots of automobiles on the road. Roads are full of cars, trucks, bikes and other vehicles. But several years ago, it was not the same that is today. Cars were meant to be only owned by rich people. Only the high class and rich “Sahibs” were able to buy and maintain them.

However, the earlier cars were not that much cost effective like the hatchbacks we have today. They were huge, noisy and turned heads wherever they went.

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5 First Indian Cars:

1. First Car To Be Manufactured In India

Remember The Ambassador? It is a true Indian icon. It was made by Hindustan Motors in a technical collaboration with Morris Motors. The first Ambassador came in mid-1957, more than 70 years ago, popularly called as the Amby. It became the favorite one for the politicians and the civil servants.


2. India’s First Electric Car

As the world is going eco-friendly, Electric Cars have become very popular. The first electric in India was launched in 2004 called as “Maini Reva”. Maini Reva may not have been as successful as the subsequent electric cars in India, but it was the baby step toward being eco-friendly.


3. India’s First Indigenous Car

Tata Indica, the first original car made in India. It was built from scratch in India. It was launch with a splendid display at during the 1998 Geneva Motor Show. The same year, the car also debuted at The Indian Auto Expo. Tata Indica was a huge hit in 1999 in the Indian markets. Today, we don’t see many Indicas but it fills the pride when it comes to “Made In India” car.

Source: The Better India

4. India’s First Convertible Car

The demand for convertible cars is not low yet. Standard developed the first convertible in 1965 and over the next few years, the Standard Herald hardtop convertible could be seen running on Indian roads.

Source: The Better India

5. India’s Most Popular Vehicle

Maruti 800, the car which revolutionized the automobile industry in India. This car changed the direction of the Indian Automobile Industry. It was launched in 1983 and became extremely successful.


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