Ramakrishna Mission Monk Receives India’s Greatest Academic Honor

Ramakrishna Mission Monk Receives India’s Greatest Academic Honor

Professor Mahajan Mj is a perfect combination of Intelligence and spirituality. The Ramakrishna Mission Monk has just won the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award for mathematics which is considered to be India’s Greatest academic honor that exists. He is better known by his other names Mahan Maharaj or Swami Vidhyanathnanda.

Mahan Maharaj is the greatest Mathematician and a professor who also happens to be a spiritualist monk of Ramakrishna Mission. He was born on 5th April 1968 and completed his schooling from Kolkata based St. Xavier’s Collegiate School. After completing his schooling, he went to Kanpur to opt for IIT. He decided to go with Electrical engineering.

Meanwhile, he discovered his passion towards mathematics and then he knew he belongs in the field of mathematics. Then he completed Masters in Mathematics from IIT, Kanpur. After completing his Masters, he wanted to educate further in the field of mathematics so he decided to do Ph.D.

Ramkrishna Mission Monk Receives India's Greatest Academic Honour


Mahan Maharaj opted for Ph.D. in the University of California, Berkeley, USA. Meanwhile, he was studying in the USA, he did not forget his moral grounds. He used to read Swami Vivekanand’s writing to fill his soul with spirituality and that’s when he developed his interest towards becoming a monk.

In an interview with LiveMint, he says, “It took six months to convince my parents, who were concerned, among other things, that I would not have a bank balance or family. During this period, I patiently worked at the Chennai Mathematical Institute.”

He graduated monkhood in 2008 meanwhile he was still a mathematician professor. And in 2011 he was awarded the most prestigious academic honor, the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award.

He never let his one passion clash or interfere with other. He has easily handled his love for spirituality and mathematics.

In an interview with NDTV, when asked about religion, Mahan replied: “I follow no organized religion. If you asked me one and put a gun to my head, I would probably say science.”