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Introducing First Lady Officer Of Indian Territorial Army, Shilpy Gargmukh

This is a huge step forward in women empowerment where a woman is appointed as the lady officer of the Indian Territorial Army.

Shilpy Gargmukh made us all proud and inspired by being the first lady to do that. Indian Territorial Army is a part of the Indian Army. She proved that women are no less than men after taking such a brave step in encouraging women.

The Indian Territorial Army is associated with the military forces. As their website states, “its present role is to relieve the Regular Army from static duties and assist civil administration in dealing with natural calamities and maintenance of essential services in situations where life of the communities is affected or the security of the Country is threatened and to provide units for Regular Army as and when required.”

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Introducing First Lady Officer Of Indian Territorial Army, Shilpy Gargmukh


Lt. Shilpy Gargmukh is a chemical engineer and appointed at Ankleshwar city of Gujarat at the oil and natural gas corporation known as ONGC in short. According to her, her passion for military and interest in serving as an army officer rose because of her brothers. Her two brothers have been serving the nation by being the part of an army and she too wanted to be like them and that is the reason she opted for this.

She said she couldn’t wait to serve the nation as a soldier. And she will now fulfill her dream by serving the country as a combat soldier.

Introducing First Lady Officer Of Indian Territorial Army, Shilpy Gargmukh


Shilpy Gargmukh has been included as the part of the ONGC as the lady officer on October 2016. DC Shrivastava who is the chief of the corporation said that “ONGCian Mrs. Shilpy Gragmukh succeeding to the status of a first lady officer in the Territorial Army is a matter of great honor. Achievement of Mrs. Gargmukh will serve as an example to all women employees and will embolden their spirits to join the Territorial Army.”

Shilpy Gargmukh set a great example for all of us and we hope that the woman in India will continue to make the country proud.

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