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Delhi Came Up With New Innovative Idea To Stop Pollution Through The City Buses

New Delhi: A woman wears an anti-pollution mask as smog covers the capital's skyline on Wednesday. Yesterday the air quality hit severe levels in New Delhi. PTI Photo by Shahbaz Khan(PTI11_8_2017_000013A)

Delhi: As we all are well aware of the city’s pollution, it is quite obvious that the air in Delhi must be very toxic and unhealthy for the life of people living there. Several newspapers and publications even stated the Air Quality Index of Delhi’s air and you will be shocked to know that it fell into the ‘very poor’ category. This is a critical issue which needs to be resolved as soon as possible. That is why the city has to come up with a solution.

“Even as Delhi heads for a ‘deadly cocktail’ of pollution in the coming weeks, on Thursday, Union Environment Minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan, flagged off five buses fitted with air-filters, which trap the pollutants in the air, as a pilot project as a part of an aggressive ten-day aggressive ‘Clean Air’ Campaign to combat the city’s ever-increasing air pollution levels.”

Delhi Came Up With New Innovative Idea To Stop Pollution Through The City Buses


According to the Central Pollution Control Board, the prolonged exposure to the city’s air can cause some serious damage to one’s respiratory system.

The innovative idea includes the air purifiers that will be connected on the roof of city buses which will clean the atmospheric air. The filters are called Priyayantras. The innovative idea hails from Faridabad Manav Rachna. As the vehicle moves, the air will be directly exposed at the front and will immediately trap the pollutants coming from the city buses. In this way, 98% of pollutants won’t be exposed to air and will keep the city away from pollution.

“The minister also flagged off 52 teams comprising over 250 officials from the Ministry, Delhi government and Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC).”

Delhi Came Up With New Innovative Idea To Stop Pollution Through The City Buses


“Pollution rises around Diwali, and it is important to check it. While many teams of CPCB are already active, 44 additional teams will monitor different regions of Delhi, while 8 teams will be active in NCR cities to keep a check on garbage burning, construction, and others.”

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