10 Unknown Facts About The Real Gully Boy, Divine That You Should Not Miss

A Bollywood movie based on Indian rapper Divine is soon going to be released. The movie is called Gully Boy and it stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt in the lead. Gully Boy will be in the theatres on 14th February 2019 and it was one of the most awaited films of the year. Divine is the Mumbai based rapper who became famous after leading a pretty struggling life. There are many unknown facts about this real Gully Boy, Divine that you should not miss at any cost.

real gully boy, divine


The Unknown Facts About The Real Gully Boy Is Listed Following:

1. The real name of Divine is Vivian Fernandes. He changed his original name with Divine when he was just a teenager.

2. He belonged to a very poor family, his father was an alcoholic and it was his mother who used to earn for his family. There was much dispute between him and his father. His big brother and his mother supported the family.

3. Divine dedicate all his success to his mother and says that it was just because of his mother that he became such a star.

4. His interest in rapping rose when he saw his friend wearing a T-shirt with the picture of rapper 50-cent on it. Later that he got introduced with other rappers and their raps.

real gully boy, divine


5. He then started making his own raps and soon released his first rap ‘voice of the streets’ in the English language on YouTube but that didn’t go well. After that, he released another rap in the Hindi language called ‘Yeh Mera Bombay’ and that’s what brought him fame and popularity.

6. The Real Gully Boy also collaborated with Naezy in 2015, they gave a stage performance together and when one Sony Music employee noticed them, he offered Divine to release their song under their banner and they agreed to it.

7. He has also collaborated with Nucleya which brought him so much fame.

8. His song ‘Farak’ became widely famous and also topped iTunes.

real gully boy, divine


9. The time when he created history was when he participated in BBC Asian Network’s segment Fire and rapped on unknown tunes in a booth.

10. Divine, the real gully boy says he doesn’t resemble with other rappers like Honey Singh because they make songs on only girls, alcohol, and cars but he will never do that.



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